Bolivian family name child “Iron Maiden”

Posted by on February 9, 2017

Naming a child is never easy, the baby gets stuck with it for the rest of their life. Parents have many personalities which can range from hippy, obsessed with the letter Z, traditional, wacky, Star Wars junky, die hard heavy metallers, and more. They will formulate a name that will stay with a child for the rest of their waking lives. What if a baby was named after one of the biggest metal bands of all time? According to MetalSucks, there is a couple out there in the world, in Bolivia to be exact, who named their newborn Iron Maiden. This is most likely one of the best names a child can be given and we can only hope the baby will grow into a metalhead. An avid Metalsucks reader Johnny R sent them a photo of a birth certificate showing the baby’s full name as Iron Maiden Duran Ruiz, born on February 2, 2017 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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