Dave Mustaine says Megadeth will be in the studio mid 2018

Posted by on December 28, 2017

New Megadeth material might arrive sooner than we thought. Thrash metal frontman, Dave Mustaine was asked on Twitter about the recording of the new album and if we will hear it in 2018. Mustaine then informed us that nothing was recorded yet and that he is still collecting ideas.

Hello Dave, how is the recording of the new CD, will we have a new CD in 2018?

we haven’t started recording anything yet. I am collecting ideas just like I did on Dystopia…



The vocalist was asked by another user whether or not he would be hitting the studio anytime soon. He estimated that Megadeth would be hitting the studio mid 2018.

Hey Dave Mustaine any plans on hitting the studio any time soon?

I work in the studio all the time. Do yo mean for the new record? That will be prolly the mid of 18.


Apparently, Mustaine does not have any concrete ideas but is still pretty confident he’ll be hitting the studio with new Megadeth material by mid 2018. Dystopia was a pretty impressive record and the addition of guitarist Kiko Loureiro really added some flavor to it. It’ll be interesting to see what the band puts out next.

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