Corey Taylor discusses new Slipknot, moving on without Jordison

Posted by on January 27, 2014

Despite the lack of an album release in almost six years, Slipknot is still managing to remain in the spotlight. With drummer Joey Jordison’s departure from the band and the death of bassist Paul Gray, many fans are left wondering what exactly the future holds for Slipknot. In a recent interview with Rock Revolt Magazine, frontman Corey Taylor reassured fans that despite these setbacks, their new comeback album would not disappoint, as he forever put to rest the rumors that Jordison was the one who wrote everything. 

“I know there’s this myth out there that Joey wrote everything, but that’s not at all true,” Taylor said. “We all write, and we all bring something to the table. And between me and Jim and Mick and Clown and everybody, I think we’re gonna be able to put something really, really cool together. The dynamic will change a little bit, but as far as our approach to the music and our intensity and how much we love doing what we do, that will remain unchanged, and we’re gonna go for it just 110 percent.”

In his attempt to ease the anxious minds of Slipknot fans, Taylor also spoke of finding Jordison’s replacement. While no one has been officially named as Slipknot’s new drummer, Taylor claims he wants to find someone “who can play the old stuff, but also brings a certain creativity into it.” He also made a point to add that as soon as a replacement is decided, fans will know. And while Taylor has confidence that their comeback album will be a success, he admits that none of this has been easy:

“It’s hard — it’s really hard,” Taylor said. “But the only other [option] was shutting the band down, and none of us wanted to do that. So we’re gonna push on.”

[transcription via Metal Injection]


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