Hard rockers, Clutch are currently in the studio recording their 12th full-length album. Guitarist, Tim Sult told The Advocate that he is loving the new material and has a lot to work with going into the studio. He also mentions how the songs are leaning on the heavier side.

“They’re my favorite songs. At this point, we probably have more songs than we’ve ever had before going into the studio. The material is a little heavier. It has a more doomed-out vibe and feel. We’re going to record more live. It’s our first time recording in Nashville. Who knows? We might end up with something that sounds like a Garth Brooks album.”

A heavier, doomier sounding Clutch sounds very enticing. Hopefully, that will be the outcome rather than a Garth Brooks sounding album. The band also took to Twitter to show us a look inside the studio. They’ve also been road-testing some new songs live, which is something they’ve been doing for years now, specifically during their year-end run of shows.

[via thePRP]