Black Veil Brides frontman denies break up rumors

Posted by on June 21, 2018

When it comes to rumors, we always take it with a grain of salt but at times believe they are worth mentioning. The latest speculation happened just yesterday (20th) when Black Veil Brides bassist Ashley Purdy participated on a live episode of Another FN Podcast and somewhat revealed the band’s plan to break-up after their Warped Tour appearances. This inevitably caused a lot of buzz and many questioned the band’s future. The podcast is deleted and that doesn’t surprise us. However, Loudwire spoke exclusively to frontman Andy Biersack (Andy Black via solo project) about Purdy’s discussion. According to the singer, the band have no plans to break up.

He stated:

“As far as I know, there are no plans to break up the band. I spoke to the band this morning, and that seems to be echoed by everybody. I can’t really speak to any comments about the band breaking up, because I was never aware of that. As far as I know, that isn’t the intention, and it certainly isn’t my intention.”

Later, he explained how members could be involved in side projects:

“I can say that I’m aware that there have been conversations about various side projects and things that people wanted to do. And, as always, with any band that’s been around for a while, that’s encouraged. People want to make different types of art or music, there’s never been anything but encouragement as far as that goes. I can say that yeah, there probably will be supplementary projects coming up from different members of the band. But as far as the band ending after the Warped Tour, that certainly isn’t my plan.”

The singer went into detail on Purdy’s comments:

“For me, anytime you hear an idea that you haven’t heard before, it can be jarring. As I said, that was never discussed with me. But I’m packing up suitcases and headed to Pomona this evening. I have a show to play, as do the other members of the band tomorrow, and that’s really the only thing that you can think about. If we were in a situation where we were listless or didn’t know what the next move was, or didn’t have any plans, then maybe there would be some cause for concern. But we just recently signed a deal for a really exciting 10-year anniversary package that we’re doing for our first record. And we have shows planned. Hell, even after these Warped Tour shows, we have Aftershock planned for the fall, and there’s also been discussion about some other shows that we were going to try to do in the fall.”

He then made a good observation revealing there’s a chance that Purdy wasn’t serious:

“I wake up in the morning and I think about what we’re going to do next. If someone comes to me and says, ‘We’re unhappy, we don’t want to be in the band anymore,’ then it has to be treated seriously. But until that happens, I just have to assume [Purdy’s interview] was something that was floated out there in an open forum discussion that he was having, or just something that was said in passing and wasn’t meant to be serious. So I don’t know the full thought process behind it, but I’ve known him, and I’ve known all the members of the band my entire adult life, and I can trust them when they say to me that this is not the intention of the band.”

Read the full discussion here on Loudwire.


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