Black Stone Cherry apologize for Motorhead statement

Posted by on April 28, 2016

blackstonecherry2015bandnew_638Earlier this week, Black Stone Cherry picked up a bunch of press when a comment in an interview they made was blown out of proportion. Granted, when that comment is that every day you were on tour with Motorhead in 2009, you were offered cocaine and turned it down, of course that’s going to get talked about. Lemmy was a known speed freak, and since he’s not alive to defend himself, it’s a great piece of rock and roll folklore.

However, Motorhead vigorously denied it on their own Facebook page, leaving Black Stone Cherry in a pretty awkward spot. It took the better part of the day for the band to break the silence, but Jon Lawhon, who gave the interview, finally manned up and did so:

Okay, now that that’s over with, we can all move on, right? The whole thing is kind of silly, because it’s not like anyone’s denying Lemmy did drugs – everyone knows he did. He just did a different drug than cocaine. We’d called it into question from the second we read about it, and the band’s publicist clarified that it was a road story gone awry right after we published the story. Doing drugs (or being offered them on the road) isn’t particularly scandalous, especially when a roadie’s doing the drug-offering. Perhaps Lawhon should have honored the band’s legacy by offering a more generic quote about how touring with Motorhead taught them how to rock or something, but he didn’t. Now we can all move on.

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