Was Black Stone Cherry offered cocaine by Motorhead every day? [UPDATED]

Posted by on April 26, 2016

blackstonecherry2015bandnew_638When you think of Motorhead’s iconic rock and roll, Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry probably don’t come to mind, but the bands did tour together in Germany back in 2009. And according to bassist Jon Lawhon, Motorhead and their crew couldn’t stop offering their band cocaine. In an interview with Sweden’s RockSverige, he spoke about the generous nature of the band, who just wouldn’t stop trying to shovel drugs up their openers’ noses, apparently:

“We toured with Motorhead in Germany in the winter time. It was just cold and wet. Beautiful country, but terrible time of the year to be there. We toured with them through one of the hardest seasons and they were always fantastic to us.”

“We did meet Lemmy and spoke with him and the funniest thing from the whole tour was that all of them would offer us whisky and coke every day. Not [Coca-Cola], but cocaine. We were, like, ‘We can get down with the whisky, but with the cocaine, we’re all right.’ But it was every day that they would offer it to us, and every day we told them, and got the same speech every day: ‘Can’t believe you’re in rock and roll and don’t do cocaine.’ And we were just, like, ‘We just talked about this yesterday.’ [Laughs] They just didn’t realize they had just said the same thing to us the day before. [Laughs]”

The band also said they consider themselves the southern rock Motorhead “because we won our fans the same way they won theirs. Just be honest, play the live show, don’t suck.” OK, first off, you should probably not compare your band to Motorhead. Black Stone Cherry is a fine band that we like, but they’re no Motorhead, because no band is or will be. Secondly, the band’s anti-drug stance is admirable, if that’s something they’re going to stand up for. But if Lemmy actually offers you drugs, you take those drugs. Just saying. Then again, Lemmy was more of a speed guy, not cocaine. There’s a difference between meth and coke. And then there’s the fact that drummer Mikkey Dee says that he never did drugs that calls into question just how accurate Lawhon’s remembrance of touring with the band is.

[UPDATE] A publicist for the band’s label reached out to Metal Insider to state that the above quote was taken out of context, said jokingly toward the end of the interview. He adds that the band was very happy and honored to tour with Motorhead.

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