Bam Margera talks his band, Brent Hinds, Clutch

Posted by on January 21, 2015

Yesterday, Mastodon and Clutch announced that they’d be touring together. If there’s one person that will probably be front and center in the Bethehem or Baltimore dates, that person would probably be Bam Margera. He championed Clutch on his MTV show Viva la Bam and directed their video for “The Mob Goes Wild.” And lately he’s gotten a lot of press around casting Mastodon’s Brent Hinds in his forthcoming film as fellow Jackass star Ryan Dunn. In an interview with Noisey, he spoke about his band, Fuckface Unstoppable, as well as championing the music he wanted to be in his show and casting Hinds in the film.

He states that the band came about by hosting a battle of the bands and getting up and singing. Since then, it’s caught on enough for him to enlist members of Cradle of Filth, Lionize, and of course cKy. One thing he spoke about was fighting MTV to play the bands he wanted to play on his show:

I would have to fight people the whole time at MTV because they were trying to play me their bullshit music that they had lined up and I was like, “No, this scene needs a Clutch song.” Finally they stopped fighting with me and I basically played the whole Blast Tyrant album on Viva La Bam and that made people go seek out Clutch. I’m not into the whole “Oh, no, Green Day has a song cued up for one of our shows!” Well, Green Day is fucking doing just fine, and Clutch is a fucking badass band from Maryland and they need promotion. I was like tearing my hair out with these people and finally they just gave up and let me play my own shit. I definitely feel it added to the show. It’s like when you watch a movie, the soundtrack could make or break the movie.

We’d argue that Clutch was doing fine before Margera put them on the show, but the fact that MTV relented and let him program the music on the show definitely helped expose them and other bands like Turbonegro to an audience that hadn’t been familiar with them. And hey, Slayer was on there too. The interview also got some further clarification about Brent Hinds playing the late Ryan Dunn in his forthcoming film I Needed Time to Stay Useless: 

I did the Soundwave tour in Australia with cKy and I met Brent there and I dunno, we just hit it off. Everyone would just joke that he looks like Ryan so much that it just made sense to call him up because I had a part in my new movie where it’s like a dream sequence kinda thing and Ryan comes to me when I’m sleeping and suggests that I do all this shit and I figured what better dude to play that then Brent? [Laughs] His face tattoo right off the bat reminds me of Ryan. He would do something like that.

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