Over the years, we keep hearing incidents about stolen gear and unless you’re Alex Skolnick, they usually don’t have a good ending. Or like an ending at all. 2012 wasn’t a good year for Animals As Leaders. It was the year when Javier Reyes’s home was robbed while the band was on tour. The thieves stole personal items, Javier’s Chevy Blazer, equipment that wasn’t used on their tour including 10 guitars, amplifiers, and PA gear.  Afterwards, the band was reunited with the Blazer and one of the guitars. However, a few days ago, Reyes’ custom Rick Toone guitar was found five years later.

Rick Toone announced the found $25,000 one-of-a-kind guitar stating:

Excellent news!

Tony Acquaviva of Castaic, California, emailed me to report he located Viceroy 8-string guitar. As many of you are aware, the instrument was stolen from the home of Javier Reyes and Tosin Abasi June, 2012. Javier filed a report with the LAPD.

Tony identified the guitar via my signature, tracking the instrument to this website. He was kind enough to share the news of his wonderful discovery and send photos seen here.

Due to the instrument’s historical significance as a matched pair with Blur and absolute rarity (only one was ever made — it was a gift to Javier from me) I would place a value on the guitar of at least $25,000. This guitar is so easily recognized it would be nearly impossible to sell without alerting authorities…likely the reason it has taken almost five years to resurface.

All of us would like to thank Tony for his kind help in returning the guitar to its rightful owner. We look forward to seeing the guitar in Javier’s hands. He is a gifted musician and Viceroy was designed to help him elevate his art.

I have positively identified the guitar as authentic. It is not a forgery. Based on what I can see, the instrument appears to be in good condition.”

Reyes’s celebrated his reunion by posting it on his Instagram:  


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