alice cooper cover art killerLate last year,  former Alice Cooper bassist Dennis Dunaway hosted a book signing at Good Records in Dallas, TX surprising all the attendees with an impromptu performance by the surviving members of the original Alice Cooper band lineup, including Cooper himself. That gig must have triggered something in Cooper and the rest of the guys cause it seems like they’re getting together, one more time, to record a new album.

During a recent interview with The Weekender, Alice Cooper revealed that he will be reuniting with his former band mates to record a new album inspired by their 1971 Killer:

We’ve always been a hard rock band, guitar rock, and I’ll never give that up. But every once in a while, though, there’s just a flavor of what album do we want to go to here to give it that flavor,” explained Cooper. “And it seems to be going toward the Killer album. And I kind of go, that album, let’s revisit the sound of that album and what we were kind of thinking. You can never go back and totally recapture it, but you can certainly look at the elements that made that album work the way it did.”

“We worked together in Phoenix for about two weeks just writing songs and demoing songs. And you never know which ones are going to make the album, but I said let’s do that,”

The reunion is meant more as a tribute to their old times than a permanent revival, but it’s still a neat idea to get some of that classic Alice Cooper sound back. It is worth noting that Cooper actually recruited Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith to record three songs on his last solo album (2011’s Welcome 2 My Nightmare), though this definitely sounds more promising. Meanwhile, the man himself is on a writing binge as he’s also expecting to write original music for his cover band Hollywood Vampires with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, saying that  he thinks “the Vampires next album will be almost 90 percent new stuff.”