This Week in Flame Wars: Westboro Baptist Church vs. Whitechapel

Posted by on July 1, 2013

Everyone’s (least) favorite hate group The Westboro Baptist Church are at it again, this time against Whitechapel frontman Phil Bozeman. Last week, the WBC went up against Attila frontman Chris Fronzak, and this week, it looks like they will have two deathcore concerts to attend with picket signs in hand. The latest edition in the WBC’s war on everything started when Phil Bozeman posted this on his Twitter:

 “The Westboro Baptist Church will die out just like every other cult. Pay no mind to ignorant fools.”

“You know why The WBC still exists? Because of the media. If people stopped giving a shit about them, they’d disappear.”

“This world thrives on controversy and causing pandemonium.”

Fronzak was quick to ally himself with Bozeman, posting “I THINK WE SHOULD JUST SHUT @WBCSays DOWN, WHAT DO YOU THINK @phillybo? FUCK THOSE FAGGOT-HATERS.” The WBC was quick to retaliate:

“These wittle girls think they are any match for God?? LOL! God Almighty keeps WBC!

Admit u don’t care about ur fans, but for their $? What of their souls?

Deathcore bands @ATTILAga & @WhitechapelBand vie for Westboro to picket their concerts. #SettleDownGirls#WeCanDoBoth

@phillybo has her panties in a bunch b/c we won’t picket her @WhitechapelBand so she can make $ off our backs like @FRONZ1LLA / @ATTILAga!”

“You’re referring to me as a girl which is a LIE. Doesn’t that go against the word of God? Nice one you bigot, irrational “FAGS””, responded Bozeman. WBC continued the schoolyard style flame war by taunting Bozeman: “If you’d just ask nicely like @FRONZ1LLA, we could picket one of your concerts. #ItCanBeArranged #Manners”.

The WBC must be especially tense this particular weekend, what with all of they gay pride that’s been going around. However, Bozeman is probably right in his ironically attention-giving statement that if people stop giving them attention, they will become irrelevant. But maybe it’s time the WBC just admits that they love metal music, as they always seem to find an excuse to go to events in the metal community, such as Jeff Hanneman’s funeral and memorial service.

Bozeman concluded the fun by posting “Ok I’m done with WBC, had my entertainment for the night! Moving on”, because at the end of the day, people like the Westboro Baptist Church ultimately just serve to provide a bit of hate-fueled entertainment every now and them.


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