Just minutes after the metal community was shaken to its core by the sad news that Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman had passed away, evil hate group The Westboro Baptist Church sent out a tweet mentioning  the guitarist. “Which of your idols will God kill next? Yesterday Chris Kelly #krisskross Today Jeff Hanneman #Slayer,” the tweet read. It was followed by the hashtag #picketfunerals and accompanied by the picture to your right.

Everyone knows by now that the Westboro Baptists are vile people, as they’ve made their name by picketing funerals of war heroes, the Boston Marathon victims, and more. But if they really think they’re going to successfully picket a member of Slayer’s funeral, they’re even more misguided than we already thought they were. And considering that Slayer have an album called God Hates Us All, their cute little “God Hates Your Idols” doesn’t mean much in comparison. I guess we’re sort of feeding the trolls by even mentioning these douchenozzles, but no one should ever take them seriously.



[via Wolverine Kills]