Wormrot cancels North American tour due to “current political climate”

Posted by on March 17, 2017

Last week we found out about Wormrot’s mini North American summer trek circling their Maryland Deathfest appearance. It was surprising to hear they went forward with a North American tour since not too long ago, they admitted being nervous about touring in Trump’s America. Let’s face it, traveling to the United States hasn’t been fun recently and it will most likely be a recurring issue.

Just one week after Wormrot’s initial announcement, they decided to pull the plug and cancel their tour due to fear of not having the right expensive paperwork to enter America. The band stated the following on their Facebook:

Due to the current political climate and numerous bands being turned away at US customs, we felt it was not worth the risk coming to America without the right paperwork, which is expensive. Therefore we truly apologize that we must postpone our US tour until next year when we can focus on a full length tour with all the right papers.

We regret that we came to a decision this late, one month to the start of the tour. Once again, we apologize to everyone who are affected.”

Basically, this sucks and hopefully, things will change for the better soon. Unfortunately, it could be another four years before we see these unnecessary bans lifted.



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