Sirenia launches crowdfunding campain for upcoming North American Tour

Posted by on February 23, 2017

It wasn’t too long ago when Arkona and Sirenia announced their upcoming North American tour in May. It is a first in Sirenia’s career for their fans to see them in this area. During their initial announcement, Sirenia mentioned a crowdfunding campaign would soon be created. Earlier today, they kept their promise and launched a pledgemusic account. For those who have been with Sirenia since 2002’s At Sixes and Sevens or recently tuned in since 2016’s Dim Days of Dolor, you should do what you can to support this pledge so you can see these gothic metal geniuses live.

The band stated the following on their Facebook:


For as much as 15 years, Sirenia have been touring around the world, all over Europe, Latin America and Australia. But so far we have never been able to come to North America. Countless times we have tried to make a tour possible, but always we faced the same problem with financing the tour. Due to excessive costs of working permits, visas, overseas flights and overload luggage the projects always seemed to stop at some point.

We are still determined to make a North American tour happen though, and it is something that we feel we really owe to our fans after all these years of support. But we need your help to make this project a success. We have prepared a really cool tour for you guys with 17 shows in total, 14 in the US and 3 in Canada. It is a co-headliner tour with the band Arkona + three support bands – Mindmaze, Graveshadow and Sicosis.

All of the practical work has been taken care of, and now only the financial aspect needs to be solved. After recommendations from several other bands and partners, we have decided to launch a crowd funding campaign with PledgeMusic to try to assist with the financial issues.

Touring a new territory for the first time is always complicated because the promoters do not really know how many people they can expect at the shows, and so it is risky for them to invest money in a first time tour. But with the help of our fans, we believe we can do this. The cool thing is that if a good amount of fans come to the shows, it will be much easier for us to tour North America on a regular basis in the future as well.

We have done all in our power to make this project happen, now the rest is up to you guys. Let’s make this tour a great success and mark a new beginning for frequent touring in North America. Come to our campaign on PledgeMusic and check out all the cool stuff including exclusive items and VIP events. See you all in the USA and Canada in May 2017. Cheers!

– Morten, Emma, Jan Erik and Jonathan”

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