Already, it seems like President-elect Donald Trump is walking back some of the rhetoric that he said when he was campaigning. Instead of completely repealing Obamacare, he said that he’d keep some elements of it. He also called the Clintons good people and Obama a “very good man.” So while we might not be getting the xenophobic, racist, sexist President that many feared we might come January, there are people not just in America, but around the world that are a little nervous about what might happen come January. Three such people are Singaporean grindcore trio Wormrot. The band are scheduled to play in the United States next year, but with Trump vowing to keep Muslims out of the country, and Singapore having a large Muslim population, they feel that their tour may be in jeopardy. Guitarist Rasyid commented:

“I’m still in disbelief that this actually happened.  How did they get the pre-election estimates so wrong?  Didn’t he sabotage himself out of the race numerous times?  Throughout the whole campaign you hear nothing but how he fucked himself over with the shameless things he’s said, accompanied by violent repercussions and reactions from his own supporters, and yet here we are looking at an almost 50/50 hairline (hah) win.

“We’re a little concerned how it’s gonna affect our well-being, but a little part of me wants to experience America as it is right now.  Who knows, we might be deported back upon arrival (some people back home would be happy to see that) but we shouldn’t cower at the first sign of danger.  Things have gotten more interesting to say the least.  It’s like an episode of Black Mirror, proving that reality can be scarier than fiction.

“We wish all Americans to stay safe and keep a lookout for each other, especially your friends of colour and LGBTQ.  Never discount their experiences, never say they’re overreacting.  You can’t see or imagine mental scars and how it’ll negatively affect individuals in the long run.  The least you can do for each other now is to listen.

“I’ve learned from living in Singapore that you don’t have to love your country to protect the ones you love.  Whatever’s happening in your country, whoever is elected to run/ruin the nation, your devotion is to your friends and family.”

Again, it’s maybe a little alarmist at this point, but it’s interesting to see the way Trump’s election has made the entire world take notice. Here are the band’s American shows next year:

5/26 Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage (Maryland Deathfest)
6/02 Mesa, AZ @ 1FEST
6/03 Los Angeles, CA @ 1FEST
6/04 Oakland, CA @ 1FEST