Update: Deftones would love to tour with KoRn

Posted by on May 8, 2017

See the above photo? That’s from the 1998 Family Values tour, and yes, we doctored it by slapping a Deftones logo on it. And while it’s been 20 years since that tour, deftones and Korn actually haven’t toured together ever, actually. In late March, we heard from KoRn’s Brian “Head” Welch stating that Deftones didn’t want to tour with them stating:

No. When we see ’em, it’s, like, ‘Hey, bro, what’s going on?’ But we’re not close with ’em. They just like to do their own thing. We would like to tour with ’em again one day, but I don’t think they want to, so… But it’s all good. When we see ’em, we just don’t talk about touring. We’re just, ‘Hey, bro. How’s the family?’ Stuff like that.”

Last week, we Deftones frontman Chino Moreno confirmed this after speaking with Metal Hammer about the 20th anniversary of Around the Fur, explaining why they turned down shows:

I can’t remember how many times I turned down Korn! And they got pissed at us. Jonathan would say, ‘Why do you hate us?’ and I didn’t know what to say. I’d tell him, ‘Dude, I don’t hate you. I love you guys, you’re my friends. But I don’t want to tour with you. I don’t want to be on the Family Values with you and Limp Bizkit.’ The name of the genre was nü metal, so anything that is new is one day going to be old. And I didn’t to be old with it.”

In a recent Music Ruined My Life segment for the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show With Daniel P Carter, Moreno updated this, saying he’d love to tour with KoRn:

“I’m gonna go ahead and say KoRn—contrary to all the hate mail I woke up to yesterday. It’s funny too, cause this is like 1998 and they [Metal Hammer] are asking me about ‘Around The Fur.’ [We] sort of made a conscious decision to try to break away from what we were trying to be shut into—not that we felt better than Korn and Limp Bizkit or any of the other bands. But we just wanted our own identity. One way of helping that was to do shows on our own and away from what we were being lumped into, so that’s all. It’s just funny how blown out of proportion people get. I would do shows with them, I would definitely do shows with them.”

There ya have it, Deftones would like to tour with KoRn. Maybe we will see them join forces in the near future.

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