Brian “Head” Welch doesn’t think Deftones want to tour with KoRn again, admits enjoying half of Issues

Posted by on March 31, 2017

KoRn’s career spans well over twenty years and consists of twelve studio albums, including an unfortunate dubstep era. With as many albums out, that also means lots of touring, and having shared the stage with as many bands as they have, recently, KoRn’s Brian “Head” Welch was  interviewed by metal-heads.de about touring. During the video, Welch was asked if members of KoRn were still close with Deftones.  Welch replied:

“No. When we see ’em, it’s, like, ‘Hey, bro, what’s going on?’ But we’re not close with ’em. They just like to do their own thing. We would like to tour with ’em again one day, but I don’t think they want to, so… But it’s all good. When we see ’em, we just don’t talk about touring. We’re just, ‘Hey, bro. How’s the family?’ Stuff like that.”

The interview also featured Welch opening “gifts” that ended up being older KoRn albums. It was a creative approach and a few albums included Life Is Peachy (1996) and Issues (1999).

Welch mentioned the following about Life is Peachy:

“Life is Peachy that was our second record and we put it really quick like two months. But once we wrote the song ‘Twist,’ I was like, that’s all we need, that’s just insane. And I knew we had to start the record with it.”

His thoughts on Issues:

“We took time off for Issues. We took time. It wasn’t that long though, it was probably 3 or 4 months. Brendan O’Brien was the producer and he really pushed us along. And I think once we got the key songs like ‘Falling Away From Me’. And – Was ‘Somebody Someone’ on it? We got a few of those heavy hitters that people thought would do well. I think we rushed the rest of it. I like half the record a lot and then the other half I’m like – hmmm. It’s cool, it’s a nice record from front to back.”

Asked why they chose the cover of Issues to feature the doll:

“Because we started KoRn with a ragged doll and it just hit us and went along with KoRn. It was a great idea. And then we made the dolls. It was a hard choice because there were a lot of good ones.”

Check out the full interview below:

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