Tony Iommi says new Black Sabbath album is a “maybe,” but no touring

Posted by on November 4, 2016



It must be hard to end something you’ve been doing for almost your entire life and that’s what the legendary Black Sabbath is going through right now with their final tour. The band will call it a day next Febuary when they play their final show in their hometown Birmingham in the UK but we may not have heard the last of them, according to guitarist Tony Iommi.

During a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Iommi was asked what was the future of Black Sabbath, to which he replied:

Maybe. As I said, I’ll be doing some writing. Maybe I’ll be doing something with the guys, maybe in the studio, but no touring.

 For the sound of it, what Iommi really want a break from is the touring part, but he’s open to continue writing and hit the studio with the rest. Sure it doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a Black Sabbath record but we can only hope it is.

Iommi also brings up his future plans for a TV show called “Guitar Star” which it would surely be more calm than an actual tour with all the traveling involved.

If you live in Tulsa, OK, Houston or San Antonio, TX, we suggest you catch their shows next week as those would be the final 3 dates they will play in the US. Ever.

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