Theft, shady promoters plague Destruction in Mexico

Posted by on May 8, 2015

On May 10, Destruction begin a North American tour with Sepultura. We’re betting they can’t wait to get the hell out of Mexico, given the week they’ve had there so far. Their seven-date tour was plagued from the get-go, with the band waiting until the fourth show of the seven-day tour to state that their promoter bailed on the whole tour:

Yes the rumours are true, the promoter KENNETH PEREZ has left all local organizers and the band behind and ran away! He disappeared the day this tour started …

So also the JUAREZ show is happening tonight and we are working on transportaion for the next concerts! Band and local promoters are trying their best to also make the next concerts a great success and a night to remember!!!

They were hopeful that the last thee dates would go on without any problems, but then were forced to cancel Wednesday’s (6) show after claiming that multiple contracts about security and crowd safety were broken in Queretaro. A picture on  their Facebook page seemed to back this up, showing two flimsy tables right up against the stage. The band tried to make good, saying that anyone that had a ticket to Wednesday’s show would be able to go the following night’s show in Leon.

That’s when things get really interesting. The band claim the Queretaros promoter stole a guitar from their hotel at gunpoint and was holding it hostage, demanding Destruction take his name off of social media:

The guitar got stolen from the hotel . Fact. Now the thief tries to spread lies. The guitar is the most important thing that s why we would have never forgotten it anywhere!!! That s why we carry it in a carry-on-bag and don t put it in a flightcase on planes etc

The promoter stole it from the hotel storage!!! He carried a gun!!!

After the FB shitstormed the guy he called crying we should take his name off and we would give us the guitar back! So we sent somebody to meet with him and get the guitar back. This guy is full of lies – he tries to save his ass now with more lies. We can not believe all this is really happening …there are borders!!!



Is that “borders” thing a pun? At any rate, that’s the last we heard from them, but hopefully the show last night and tonight’s in Mexico City go off without a hitch.


04/30/2015 Mexico City @ Foro Indie Rocks

05/01/2015 Monterrey @ Café Iguana

05/02/2015 San Luis Potosi @ Bunker

05/03/2015 Juarez @ Hysteria Bar

05/06/2015 Queretaro @ Black Dog

05/07/2015 Leon @ Nuevo Foro Indio

05/08/2015 Chihuahua @ House of Blues


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