System of a Down are touring next year

Posted by on October 10, 2016


Just last year, we made a top five list of bands that would probably never reunite. Since then, two of our five, Guns N’ Roses and Misfits (with Glenn Danzig) went and proved us wrong. Shows what we know, huh? We haven’t made a list of bands that are still playing out, but we’d like a new album from (yet), but with Rage Against the Machine (kind of ) putting out an album (sort of), they’d be on the list, but with Zach de la Rocha. System of a Down would certainly be on that list as well, given that it’s been eleven years since Mesmerize and Hypnotize came out. They’ve sporadically gotten together to tour, most recently for a handful of shows in 2014 and last year, but it’s been over a year since they played live. And now in 2017, it’s going to happen again… but not in the United States yet.

Today via their Facebook, System announced that they would be playing a handful of festivals in Europe. There are only seven shows announced so far, which leaves open the possibility that after the July 2nd show, they could do some more touring. There’s certainly an appetite for the band to play in the States, since it’s been a few years since they’ve done that. And they’ve also spoken about the possibility of a new album, but that’s probably getting a little ahead of ourselves. Here’s the question: would you want a new album from System of a Down? They’ve certainly been a political band in the past, and any political band should be chomping at the bit with this current election. While it’d be interesting to hear if new music from them holds up eleven years later, that’s just a hypothetical at this point.


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