Scar Symmetry lose a member, add two

Posted by on October 28, 2015


Yesterday, on the same day that their tour with Epica and Eluveitie kicked off, Scar Symmetry announced that founding bassist, Kenneth Seil, was leaving the band. Not only did they do it via Facebook, but also by posting  a video of what they referred to as an “important drunken announcement.” And in addition to Seil leaving, they’ve added another guitarist for the tour, in addition to adding a bassist. Here’s what their post says:


We are sorry to announce that Kenneth has left Scar Symmetry to pursue other interests, we miss him dearly but as they say: the show must go on! Much love and many thanks to Kenneth for all the years, all the drunken tour stories, all the good times!

We did our first show of the Epica/Eluveitie/Scar Symmetry tour tonight, and we are excited to announce that for this tour we have enrolled the amazing Andreas Silén on bass and Benjamin Ellis on guitar (of Propane Headrush and Bloodshot Dawn fame respectively), these guys shred like noone else!

We hope to see you guys at the shows, cheers everyone!

At least it’s on good terms. The  band’s current European tour will last through November 15th, when it wraps up in London.

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