Video: Nonpoint Rehearse With New Lineup

Posted by on November 8, 2011


Shortly after the departure of guitarist Zach Broderick and founding member/bassist Ken MacMillan, word got out that Nonpoint had already found replacements in members of the band Inn Cinema. Adding onto the speculation was a picture of Inn Cinema’s Rasheed Thomas, Dave Lizzio and Adam Woloszyn posted by Nonpoint and singer Elias Soriano. Well even though an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, the band and drummer Robb Rivera posted the video above of the new five piece lineup rehearsing on Facebook.

Rivera and the band promise more video and teasers of the new lineup throughout the week. However, it’s pretty clear now after watching the video above that Thomas (guitarist), Lizzio (guitarist) and Woloszyn (bassist) are now in Nonpoint.

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