Ozzy on ‘No More Tours 2’ tour: I’m not retiring

Posted by on February 7, 2018

We all know that Ozzy’s supposed last tour in 1992, No More Tours, was followed up by his Retirement Sucks tour. Well, his just-announced No More Tours 2 tour could well be followed by a Retirement Sucks 2 tour. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 69 year-old rocker stated that while this is his final big world tour, he’s not done playing:

“I’m not retiring… It’s ‘No More Tours,’ so I’m just not doing world tours anymore. I’m still going to be doing gigs, but I’m not going on tour for six months at a time anymore. I’d like to spend some time at home.”

He says that hes not complaining about it, but as he gets older, he wants to be able to spend time with the family, as his son Jack just had his third child:

“I’ve experienced fantastic things; it’s been an incredible journey,” he says. “I just need to slow it down a little.” And, he adds, after years of missing out on his children’s milestones, he wants to be there more for the rest of his family. “I enjoy being a grandfather,” the singer, who recently became a granddad again, offers. “I don’t want to go through another generation of Osbournes without seeing them grow up.”

There’s no rush for him to make a new album yet. In fact, the article states that he’s not going to work on anything until the tour is over, so we won’t have a follow-up to Scream until at least 2019 at the earliest. He says there are eight or nine good song ideas. As for the set list for the upcoming tour, he’s suggested he might pull out some deep cuts, like Bark at the Moon‘s “Waiting for Darkness.” You can read the whole article here.


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