Old dude to join Drowning Pool onstage again

Posted by on November 28, 2016


Remember John Hetlinger. It’s ok if you don’t, it’s been a long year. He was the 82 year-old that sound up winning America’s heart on America’s Got Talent by his amazingly angry rendition of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.” The guy struck a nerve, and not only did the band say that they’d  be “more than down to party” with him, but he actually appeared onstage with them at the Chicago Open Air Festival:

Can lightning strike twice, or even three times? We’ll find out soon, as tomorrow (29) and Wednesday (30), Hetlinger will be appearing again with Drowning Pool at their Colorado Springs and Denver stops of their show, respectively. In a promo, he’s back with the colorful toucan shirt hyping up the show. He’s a natural, even if he’s reading from cue cards, shouting out the openers and offering himself as part of the meet and greet. The clock and cross behind him make him look just like the grandfather he is. Either way, it’s awesome that the guy’s still getting love from Drowning Pool, and you’re in for something special if you make it out to a Colorado Drowning Pool show this week.

[via theprp]

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