New Metallica Stage Show “To Rival The Wall,” Manager Says

Posted by on March 15, 2010

Metallica’s in-the-round stage setup for Death Magnetic was cool, but according to their manager Peter Mensch, that’s nothing compared to what they’ve got in store for 2011. He tells Classic Rock Magazine that when they tour next year, the stage setup will blow that of the current tour away.

“Let’s just say that next year you will see a Metallica tour that will blow your mind. They will only play in 10 cities but it will be a huge undertaking. It will be Metallica’s equivalent of The Wall.”

For those of you that could care less about Pink Floyd, the 1980 tour for their landmark concept album had a 40 foot wall of cardboard bricks constructed in front of the band as they played. Animations were played on the wall as the album unfolded, and there were inflatable balloons of some of the illustrations as well. At the end, with the band almost completely obscured, the wall collapsed. It was a pretty massive undertaking, and had never been done before. Not really sure how that’ll translate for Metallica. Maybe a wall of vaginas will eventually build themselves up, and… ok, I got nothing.

This means a few things. First of all, that a year from now, Metallica will still likely be on the road supporting Death Magnetic. Secondly, with only 10 cities,  chances are, if you’re not in one of the ten largest cities, you’re probably going to have to travel to see this. Another thing it means is that we’re there. Metallica is already one of the best live bands out there, even if they’re not as energetic as they were in 1986. But who the hell is as energetic as they were in 1986?

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