New Anthrax album should be done in June, Charlie Benante launches coffee

Posted by on April 20, 2015

Between contributing a song to the Game of Thrones soundtrack, and Scott Ian playing a zombie in “The Walking Dead,” Anthrax somehow still finds the time to work on their new album.

They’ve been in the studio since last December (they released a teaser clip last month), and in a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Scott Ian says the new album is nearly done.

Said Ian,

“It’s coming along great. We’re gonna take a break. We head out on tour on April 24, we’ll take a break and be able to get away from it, live with it for a while, and then come back right at the beginning of June and spend another month finishing it up.

We’re in a really good zone creatively, and I think if you liked the last record, you’re really gonna love this new one.”

That last record he’s talking about is 2011’s Worship Music, which debuted at #11, and the tour he mentioned is in support of Volbeat’s headlining run which goes until June 2nd. And if you’re thinking that the band must be on crack to be able to support so much touring and recording, in the case of drummer Charlie Benante, you’d be partially right. But it’d be a different kind of stimulant – caffeine. Benante says that he loves coffee so much that “if I could make it a cologne, I would wear it.” Today, Benante introduced his own line of coffee – Benante’s Blend. Available through his website, it has two signature varieties: the dark roast “Be All End All” blend and the milder “Forever Metal.”

“I grew up in a large Italian family and coffee was a daily staple in our home,” said Benante in a press release.  “As a kid, I loved coffee so much, my mother said that at one point, she put some coffee in my bottle.  For me, the taste of coffee is one of the greatest tastes that there is on earth, so I decided to create what was for me, the perfect cup of coffee.”


(via Metal Hammer)

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