While the phrase “I’m the walking dude” from Anthrax’s Among the Living is actually about the Stephen King novel The Stand, last night for the second time, guitarist Scott Ian was a walking dude on AMC’s zombie soap opera The Walking Dead. He was on the show for about a minute, quickly getting a pole shoved through his brain by Carl Grimes. Back in 2011, Ian was on the show in another role as a walker in a webisode. He died  then too.

In an interview with radio.com, Ian spoke about appearing on the show, saying that he got to take home the mask that they made of his face. He also said he was excited about learning how to be a walker:

I had to do my walk in front of one of their “professional” walkers to make sure I didn’t look too stupid on camera. I nailed it. For the upcoming episode of the show I had to crawl.


[via Uproxx]