Metal Insider’s Top Seventeen Tours to look forward to in 2020

Posted by on January 9, 2020

12) Insomnium w/ Omnium Gatherum & Seven Spires

This isn’t the first time guitarist Markus Vanhala has embarked on double duty for a trek as both Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum will once again team up for a North American spring tour. We are excited to see what both groups have to offer. It will be a first to hear Insomnium’s new album, Heart Like a Grave, live, and perhaps Omnium Gatherum will have a surprise for us as well. We can only suspect or hope it would involve new material.  


11) Ninth annual Decibel Magazine tour w/ Mayhem & Abbath 

The Decibel Magazine Tour never disappoints, which we saw last year as it was filled with death metal legends. What’s always exciting about these treks is every year, it’s a different mix in terms of style. This year it’s focused on black metal with Norwegian titans Mayhem and Abbath. That alone should get these shows to sell out fast. However, in late November, it was revealed that Abbath checked into rehab resulting in the cancelation of shows. While we hope the former Immortal frontman a full recovery, we’re also curious if the group will go on as planned.


10) Swallow the Sun spring tour w/ Infected Rain & Wheel

Swallow the Sun makes incredible music. With said phenomenal material, their live shows take you to a haunting journey, and you will be hooked. Secondly, it’s the group’s first-ever North American headlining run and well worth supporting them. Lastly, check out their new album, When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light, which was released in January 2019 via Century Media. 


09) Jinjer spring tour w/ Suicide Silence & Toothgrinder

Just a few short years ago, Jinjer had their first-ever North American tour supporting Cradle of Filth. Less than two years later, these Ukrainian metal giants have returned for a few runs, including their first headlining tour. One could say, Jinjer are blossoming faster than you can imagine. And if you’re curious why they’ve reached the headlining spot over Suicide Silence and Toothgrinder, listen to their new album Macro or go to the show, and you’ll be amazed looking at not only their live setting but also their devoted fanbase. 


08) Hammerfall fall tour w/ Beast In Black & Edge of Paradise

Did you see Hammerfall open for Sabaton this past fall? If you didn’t, this is your next chance to see these Swedish metallers. Hammerfall are fun live, and what makes this upcoming tour so momentous? The group is bringing Beast In Black with them. It’s a tour you do not want to miss. 


07) Fleshgod Apocalypse spring tour w/ The Agonist

Fleshgod Apocalypse are not only bringing their new album Veleno with them but, these Italian symphonic death metal giants will be accompanied by a classical string quartet for the first time ever in North America.


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