Review/Photos: Cradle of Filth brought ‘Cryptoriana’ horror to NYC’s Irving Plaza w/Jinjer & Uncured

Posted by on April 13, 2018

British extreme metal lords Cradle of Filth released one of the best albums of 2017 with Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay via Nuclear Blast. It didn’t fully bring us back to Midian the way 2015’s Hammer of the Witches did but, it attracted many eardrums to lead these veterans back to North America. Finally, after two long years, Cradle of Filth returned to North America, part of their Cryptoriana World Tour with support coming from Jinjer and Uncured. We were lucky to be there for their eighth stop on April 7th at New York City’s Irving Plaza.

Earlier that day, fans were uncertain if the show was a go since the previous night in Baltimore, MD was cancelled due to frontman Dani Filth falling ill. However, just a few hours before the doors opened, the group revealed the show was a go but, they required help from the crowd since Filth wasn’t 100%. Regardless, the filthy attendees at the sold-out venue were ready for a seductive evening of horror.

Progressive death metallers from NYC Uncured opened the night of terror to promote their album 2017’s Medusa that included songs “Myopic” and “Dilate.” The crowd was attentive as well as mesmerized between brothers Zak and Rex Cox as a few questioned if they were twins. However, don’t be fooled by their similarities as they both executed their individualities on the stage.



The Ukrainian groove metal outfit Jinjer were up next as they brought a different form of life and flickering lights to the platform. The group released their second studio album Cloud Factory via Napalm Records and they were there to give everything they had in front of the packed house. The lights blinked faster than a Meshuggah show as vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk held her own flashing momentum with her relentless movements. Songs included: “Who’s Gonna Be the One,” “Words of Wisdom,” “Sit Stay Roll Over,” “I Speak Astronomy,” “Just Another,” “Pisces,” “Captain Clock,” “Outlander,” “No Hoard of Value,” “Bad Water,” and “Beggars’ Dance.”


Finally, the stage was set as though it came from a Clive Barker film. However, it was the big Cryptoriana backdrop that prompted the horde it was Cradle of Filth and not a Hellraiser, Candyman, or Nightbreed screening. Although Dani’s makeup looked spot on, it was his voice that reminded the audience he was still under the weather. However, he pushed through the set as members of the band helped along the way with their phenomenal performance. It was difficult for anyone to take their eyes off of guitarist Richard Shaw. He looked as though he was genuinely enjoying himself as he made more expressions than the Game of Thrones’ Faceless Men.

With the band’s extensive and strong discography, it’s difficult to go wrong. The set featured two tracks from the new album with “Heartbeat and Seance,” and “You Will Know the Lion By His Claw,” which gave them more room to perform a few fan-favored tunes including  “Dusk and Her Embrace,” “Bathory,” “The Death of Love,” “Nymphetamine,” and “Her Ghost in the Fog.”

Despite the few hiccups with health circumstances that Dani Filth couldn’t avoid, it was overall a successful return. Hopefully, they will come back real soon!



Gilded Cunt

Beneath the Howling Stars

Blackest Magick in Practice

Heartbreak and Seance

Bathory Aria: Benighted Like Usher / A Murder of Ravens in Fugue / Eyes That Witnessed Madness

Dusk and Her Embrace

The Death of Love

You Will Know the Lion by His Claw

The Promise of Fever

Nymphetamine (Fix)

Her Ghost in the Fog

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