Mayhem Fest, Warped Tour Founder Sets Sights On Country

Posted by on June 4, 2009

mayhemfestFirst he conquered punk festivals, then metal. Now Warped Tour and Mayhem Festival founder Kevin Lyman and his production company, 4Fini, are expanding to country. The tour, dubbed “Round-Up”, is planned for Summer 2010. Lyman explained his new venture and drew some parallels with our own scenes in an interview with ThePunkSite.com:

I worked on Down From The Mountain: Oh Brother, the soundtrack and I did a tour around that. I met all these bluegrass people who were basically punkers from the appellations [sic]. They don’t get radio; they don’t get a lot of stuff.

It was just a natural thing. A lot of people who work on my tours are from Nashville or their families are in country music. I think there’s a lot of country artists with the same mentality of Warped Tour artists back in 1995. Now there’s a lot of people out there touring and working hard and maybe I can pull a bunch of those artists together and get them to work together to play some bigger shows.

The rest of the interview is available here.

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