Lou Reed To Perform ‘Lulu’ On European Tour

Posted by on February 2, 2012

It’s quite possibly one of the most infamous albums from 2011, and for all the wrong reasons. While some applauded them for experimenting, the majority consensus in the metal community was that Metallica and Lou Reed’s joint album Lulu was a musical bomb. And first week sales further proved that point. But far be it from Reed to want to show his pride for his work with Metallica while on tour.

At least we think it’s pride, since Reed has just announced details for his upcoming European tour dubbed From VU To Lulu. During this Summer trek, Reed will be playing music from his entire catalog, everything from his days in Velvet Underground to (you guessed it) Lulu. While the idea of seeing Lulu performed live might sound unappealing, we can at least be relieved that Metallica will not be a part of these performances. Rather, Reed will be joined by his own backing band. And it’s also no coincidence that this tour isn’t coming to the States (yet), since the album did much better in Europe.

Granted, we have seen Metallica perform songs from Lulu live with Reed on European TV and even during their 30th anniversary shows. Still, we doubt that many people are reading this and saying “Oh wow! I hope he plays ‘Pumping Blood’ during the tour!” In case you’re in Europe this Summer and find this actually appealing, you can check out an entire rundown of dates online. For those still curious as to what Lulu sounds like live, you can check out clips of Metallica and Reed performing “The View” and “Iced Honey” on BBC’s Later… With Jools Holland after the jump.



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