Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach has (gross) advice for the touring musician

Posted by on August 29, 2016


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If you’re in a band that’s popular enough for you to graduate from touring in a van to actually having a bux, that means you’re on easy street, right? Not necessarily. Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach found out the hard way recently. Currently on the road with Volbeat, he’s been plagued by mucus issues the entire tour. He’s been really bummed out about it, as anyone would be that’s slowly being stifled by snot, expecially after over the counter and homeopathic remedies haven’t worked. Today Leach found out what the problem was, and it’s something that any touring musician should be aware of.

In an Instagram post, Leach says that in order to keep himself from feeling so down, he decide to buy some new sheets and make his bunk more comfortable. When flipping over his mattress, he found the culprit of his health woes – his mattress had black mold on the bottom of it! Yeah, that’s gross. In fact, when they checked the rest of the bus, they found that three other bunks had mold on them as well. Since Leach is allergic to mold, that’s almost definitely the cause of his issues. And it’s a call to arms for any touring musician to check your bunk now.


So I’ve been battling serious mucus issues on this tour, it’s been affecting my upper register and stifling me. I have been taking tons of natural and chemical pills, been eating super healthy and lite as well as barely drinking any alcohol at all…just to stop the thick terrible mucus. It’s been a huge problem to the point of driving me crazy. I woke up feeling really low and just off today so I decided to go to buy some new sheets and make my bunk a bit more comfortable. I picked up my mattress to clean and flip it and this is what I see MOLD, black mold! I am severely allergic to this crap!!! This is the cause of all of my sorrows and mucus issues! I am relieved I found this but I’m super annoyed at the dirty bus we are traveling on! Upon further inspection we found this mold in 3 other bunks! If you are a traveling musician especially a vocalist you know how hard it is to maintain health when performing constantly. Please check your bunks and make sure you don’t have a terrible surprise like I did. So so relived I found this! Cleaning the bus from top to bottom today, getting a new mattress and praying this does not come back to make us all sick. #VocalHealth #Allergies #Mold #BlackMold #TourBusLife #KillswitchEngage #IncarnateWorldTour #JesseLeach #MucusControl #Relief

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