I, The Breather vocalist hospitalized, band to tour without him

Posted by on June 12, 2014

It’s unfortunate timing for I, The Breather, whose vocalist Shawn Spann, has been hospitalized on the eve of the Warped Tour kickoff. Thankfully, Come the Dawn vocalist Marcus Barber will fill in for the immediate future for the ailing singer. Spann left the following message about his illness:

Just a quick update on my status: I was hospitalized the other day with internal bleeding and had to be forced to miss about a week of shows coming up. I am currently feeling a lot better as the awesome people at the Upper Chesapeake Hospital have put an end to the pain/bleeding. I am currently in recovery mode and plan to get back out on the road with the boys as soon as my doctor gives me the go ahead. We are still waiting for my diagnoses to be wrapped up but have a general idea on where its going to end up so we can at least start a little plan to me being back on stage. With all that being said, Our awesome friend Marcus from Come The Dawn will be filling my shoes while I’m getting better. I am so thankful for him as id be devastated if my condition forced the band to stop performing. Please give him and my boys a huge hug for me when you see them. I have a new page I plan to use to keep everyone updated with my health which is posted at the end of this statement. Thank you for your time, I love you guys

Good to see that Spann is recovering, and I, the Breather, who we counted as a band to watch this summer on Warped, won’t have to miss any shows. The band’s new album, Life Reaper, will be released on Sumerian on July 15th.

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