Dave Mustaine says he didn’t kick Newsted off shows

Posted by on February 6, 2014

soundwave1Yesterday, the Metallica vs. Megadeth debate was dragged kicking and screaming back into the spotlight as Australian festival Soundwave’s Facebook page said that Megadeth requested that former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted’s band not play a show with them, replacing them with Whitechapel. Of course , this instantly became newsworthy, especially since the two bands had toured together on last year’s Gigantour. A post on Mustaine’s personal Facebook page made things a little murkier. In an unrelated thread about the Super Bowl, a fan hijacked the thread to say he was disappointed in Mustaine’s decision. “Look, I’m disappointed too,” he said. “I explained to Jason Newsted this morning. We didn’t put him on the show nad we didn’t kick him off the show. He understands, why don’t you?” He coes on to call it “a huge misunderstanding.”

Newsted responded via his Facebook page by… well, we’re still waiting. “An official statement regarding Newsted performances will be made soon,” he said. That was six hours ago, though. We’re thinking that Newsted will say the exact same thing, that it was all a big misunderstanding. That means that the Soundwave Festival has some explaining to do by releasing what’s essentially an incendiary statement that requires both bands releasing statements. This will be updated as soon as we hard what’s going on.

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