Dave Mustaine fires guitar tech after show in Australia

Posted by on October 22, 2015

After a less than ideal show yesterday in Brisbane, Australia, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth took to Periscope and aired some pretty dirty laundry. Judging from the replies to Mustaine’s Tweet it seems there were technical issues with his guitars and pedals, so in a nearly one-minute rant he says that he fired his guitar tech using some pretty colorful language in the process.

Said Mustaine,

“You guys ever have an experience where you’re in a clutch moment and you have somebody there who’s like your wheelman, and the guy just turns out to be a total fucking duclaw (?), a total waste of skin and life. Well, that was my guitar tech tonight and I fired his ass and I apologize to the people here in Brisbane.”

The Periscope video is gone, but you can watch a copy that was uploaded to YouTube below. Mustaine goes on to suggest making it up to the fans in Brisbane when Megadeth is in Hawaii, where they’ll take this now-fired guitar tech and “luau this fat pigs ass.”




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