Black Sabbath arranges tour travels around Geezer Butler’s love of soccer

Posted by on June 20, 2014

There’s nothing particularly noteworthy of learning of Geezer Butler’s (Black Sabbath) love of football, or soccer for us American folk. However, the steps that this super-fan takes to watch his home country’s team play during the world cup are definitely some next-level type of fandom reports Ultimate-Guitar. In a recent interview with Birmingham Mai (via Ultimate Classic Rock,) Tony Iommi shed some light on the fact that Geezer has been booking pubs and hotel lounges all over Europe in-between their concert dates just so he can watch his beloved team play, as well as any other match he can catch.

“Geezer is a huge football fan,” says Iommi, “He’s been watching every game he can, no matter who’s playing — but the England matches are especially important. We’re all hoping that England turns it round on Thursday night, and that there will be cause for celebration. But I’ve warned Geezer not to burn the midnight oil too often, or he’ll be too tired for the gigs!”

Although it may be unlikely there is one scenario that puts Black Sabbath on the stage during the same time England takes the field during their headlining performance at Hyde Park on July 4th in which case, Tony jokes, “Geezer will have to record the game.”

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