Behemoth claim political motivation for cancelled show

Posted by on October 6, 2014

Behemoth are saying politics played a part in the recent cancellation of one of their shows. The performance, originally scheduled for October 2nd at Poland’s Poznan University, was moved to the 6th (today), but by Friday the band was told the show was cancelled due to safety concerns.

According to Metal Hammer, Behemoth issued the following statement:

“We have no doubt it is a political decision. It’s not the first clampdown on national artists. Poznan, instead of being a free culture centre, begins to resemble Russia.

“Article 73 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland says: ‘Everyone has the freedom of artistic creation.’”

The band was offered to play two concerts in a club as an alternative, but Behemoth declined saying, “the quality of our concert would suffer too much.”

Earlier this year Behemoth was detained in Russia and deported because of VISA issues, though Nergal did not think the detainment was politically motivated.


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