According to Polish tabloid source Fakt, Behemoth’s Adam “Nergal” Darski has just signed on to be a judge on Poland’s version of the hit American music competition show The Voice. It should be noted that an official announcement has yet been made, though multiple Polish websites have also picked up the story. However, Nergal has been rumored to be in talks with The Voice Of Poland about being a judge, and has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors since word started to spread. Hiring Nergal is apparently the show’s attempt at not only attracting metal fans throughout Poland, but also at competing against the Polish X Factor (another music competition show).

So Nergal is going to be a judge on a music competition show, eh? Either Nergal is starting to get used to celebrity status in Poland, or this is part of his punishment the Polish court’s giving him for the bible-tearing incident. And while we’re glad he’s feeling well enough to do so much after his bone marrow transplant, we didn’t expect him to do something like this.

The show is expect to premiere in the Fall on Polish TV. How this might affect Behemoth’s upcoming touring plans in October (if this turns out to be true) is unclear. We’ll keep you posted when more is confirmed.

[submitted by reader Aleksandra Kaszowska]