Annihilator involved in bus crash on tour, guitarist gets ‘very sick’

Posted by on October 22, 2013

Annihilator -WatersCanadian thrash metal band Annihilator have had a brush with misfortune over the last few days of their European tour. According to their Facebook page, the band was in a bus accident after their Madrid performance just a few days ago.

Frontman Jeff Waters said he and his fiancee were sleeping in the back of the tour bus when it was hit from behind by a “distracted” driver who was allegedly speeding. Waters said the bus was also towing a trailer full of their gear that luckily, absorbed most of the impact. But even with the indirect hit, the two were thrown to the floor from their slumber in the master bedroom. The Spanish police shut the highway down for the incident and helped the band arrange for tow trucks and transportation for their gear, with touring bassist Alberto Campuzano helping out with Spanish translation. The  band says in the Facebook statement that they regreatably did not make it to their Barcelona gig.

The band trucked on to France and are playing tonight in Winterthur, Switzerland. But in another series of misfortunate events, guitarist Dave Padden has come down with the flu, but the band has figured out a replacement.

Winterthur, Switzerland tonight!! Gonna be a seriously wicked concert tonight, although Dave is very sick with flu… Our good friend Schmier from Destruction is coming down with his boys to help sing “Alice” and maybe some others. Jacob, our old soundman, is here… so there’s gonna be a ton of friends tonight and a mega-crowd.

Hopefully this is the end of their curse and Annihilator can continue on as planned for the rest of their tour.


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