IMG_4314Things didn’t get off on a great note for Twelve Foot Ninja’s first ever tour of the States. Thanks to visa issues, the Australian band’s entire involvement with Periphery’s This Tour Is Personal fall tour was in jeopardy. It was extra hard for us at Metal Insider to see, given that when we spoke to guitarist Steve “Stevic” MacKay about raising $50,000 for a fan-funded video, he voiced his hopes for Twelve Foot Ninja to finally make its way to the U.S. Thankfully the visa issues got sorted out and the band was able to join up on the tour (also featuring Born Of Osiris and Dead Letter Circus) in time to play at L.A.’s famed Roxy Theatre.

I could have easily waited to see the band on the tour’s final stop in New York later this month. However, I wanted the chance to see them as early as possible to not only see Twelve Foot Ninja’s impressions of the States early on, but also to witness the reactions of concert goers watching and hearing the band for the first time. Twelve Foot Ninja found room for me in an extra bunk while they were in the Midwest this past weekend for the Wisconsin and Ohio Metalfests (which saw the band perform along additional acts and for a potentially even larger audience than before). Without second thought, I booked flights, packed a bag with essentials, and made forth to Milwaukee to finally meet Twelve Foot Ninja in person.