Metal Insider contributor Zach Shaw’s Top 10 of 2015

Posted by on December 8, 2015

Clutch Psychic Warfare1. Clutch, Psychic Warfare (Weathermaker)

Ok, so Clutch may not be a “true” metal band. Hell, you could make the argument that they’re simply a blues rock band that loves getting stoned to classic metal. Yet Clutch has always excelled at creating truly heavy, ponding rock jams that metalheads can’t resist headbanging to. And Psychic Warfare finds the band at an all-time blistering high. Neil Fallon is in truly top form, delivering witty and often bizarre lines in songs like “X-Ray Visions” and “Son Of Virginia” as if he was a crazed yet soulful preacher converting sinners over a round of beers at a divey saloon. Though don’t forget the rest of the band, who take Clutch’s signature rhythm to new heights on songs like “Firebird” and “Sucker For The Witch”. It’s an album that further cements Clutch’s status as a reliable source for high velocity, in-your-face rock n’ roll. In simpler terms: this album is straight up f’n amazing!

Key Track: “Sucker For The Witch”


Honorary Mentions:

-Iron Maiden, The Book Of Souls (BMG)

-Mutoid Man, Bleeder (Sargent House)

-Armored Saint, Win Hands Down (Metal Blade)

-Slayer, Repentless (Nuclear Blast)

-Vision Of Disorder, Razed To The Ground (Candlelight)

-Native Construct, Quiet World (Metal Blade)

-Dethlehem, Destroyers of the Realm (self-released)

-Periphery, Juggernaut: Alpha/Omega (Sumerian)

-God Damn, Vultures (One Little Indian)


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