Today in Metal: Sepultura released ‘A-Lex’ five years ago

Posted by on January 23, 2014


I must say that I enjoy old Sepultura more than their more modern stuff, but this one had some surprises for me. The best way I can describe this album is like extra thrashy Pantera. The songs are energetic, aggressive and get to the point quickly. Now, everything I’m saying can be seen as extremely positive things, or extremely negative things depending on your viewpoint. This is an album that rests a lot of itself on the heaviness and aggression, although I do really like some of the bass grooves to it. The instrumental tracks on the album are, in some ways, very different from the tracks with vocals. It’s quite interesting. “Ludwig Van” was an incredibly interesting piece that I could very easily listen to often. If aggression is what you’re interested in, or if you’re a fan of A Clockwork Orange, the Anthony Burgess novel that was adapted into a cult film by Stanley Kubrick, this would be a good album for you.

The songwriting is pretty simplistic outside of the very fun instrumentals. There isn’t too much in terms of complex work in many respects. Once I heard a few songs, I kind of knew what it was about and what the rest of it would have in store. The tracks with vocals didn’t surprise much. With a few exceptions, there are really no truly amazing riffs, no complex drum patterns, nor any really memorable solos. It’s aggression all the way.

Favorite Tracks: “Ludwig Van”, “Forceful Behavior”, “Filthy Rot”, “Sadistic Values.”

This is a good album for someone who wants to listen to something with raw power and aggression. It is an album that will attract people who enjoy the angry feel of metal more than anything else. If that’s the niche you enjoy, you’ll like this album. But if you fall outside the niche of looking for something powerful or aggressive, I don’t think you’ll find very much here. It all depends on your taste.

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