Today In Metal: Dark Fortress’ ‘Ylem’ was released four years ago

Posted by on January 22, 2014


Today in 2010, the most recent album from Dark Fortress, their sixth, was released in some territories of Europe. The lead guitar work on Ylem is amazing for a black metal album. And yes, lead guitar work on a black metal album. I am amazed, too. I was so happy to hear the production is top notch in all aspects, except a little muddy in terms of vocals. It is also somewhat experimental and spacey, with long instrumental gaps. The juxtaposition between mellowy-spacey and outright heavy is pretty cool. This was a really fun, but at times, contrasting album. It took an different stance for sure. My personal favorite track on the album is easily “Evenfall” because it’s doomy, and atmospheric. I love my doom. There are also some more traditional black metal tracks like “Silence” for those more interested with that.

Spacey albums are generally always hit and miss for everyone. I can see just as many people loving this album as I can passing it up. The long parts can drag on a little bit, but it never really bothered me.

Favorite Tracks: “Evenfall,” “The Valley,” “Nemesis,” “Osiris”

This was a really good black metal release. Really different from most of what I’ve heard. It took the chance to be something different, and it really paid off. I have not listened to anything else by Dark Fortress, so I’ve become interested in seeing if all of their work is as atypical to the genre as this one was.

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