It’s Ladies Night For Shadows Fall And Five Finger Death Punch

Posted by on December 7, 2009

b-people01No offense to Five Finger Death Punch or Shadows Fall, we don’t think they’re the kind of bands that attract a lot of female fans. Sure, there are many metal fans that are female and would show up to their shows, but it’s not like either band is the Jonas Brothers or anything. We’re guessing a lot of the females there are referred to as “the old lady” by the dudes that brought them. And maybe that’s why the bands will be giving back to the ladies on their forthcoming 2010 tour together, which also will include Throwdown and 2 Cents. In what Five Finger Death Punch is referring to as the “Five Finger Discount,” the first 100 women in line at the shows will get in for free.

This is a nice act of chivalry, especially from a band like 5FDP, which has caring, thoughtful lyrics like “I’ll slap you so fucking hard it’ll feel like you kissed a freight train.” Honestly, anyone that went to college knows that this idea will work. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, and if guys know there will be at least 100 girls at a metal show, then they’re going. Check the tour dates here.

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