Somebody in NBC’s Constantine’s prop department is a power metal fan

Posted by on November 14, 2014

Avantasia posterIt turns out that somebody working on NBC’s TV series Constantine is a Tobias Sammet fan. And that person just so happens to be Dave Blass, the production designer and art director of the show.

We know this because in the most recent episode, three posters from Sammet’s bands Avantasia and Edguy made it onto the walls of scenes, and Blass took to twitter (@BlackhawkDesign) to assure fans that not only were there Avantasia posters, but the special edition Space Police poster from Edguy’s newest album was there as well.

And don’t worry, Avantasia already noticed:


This just goes to show that metalheads tend to show up in the most unlikely of places, putting what they love into their work, and in the case of Blass, that’s throwing up posters at the workplace. You can catch the latest episode online, and keep an eye out for the posters!

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