The most shocking thing Marilyn Manson can do these days to get attention is take the makeup off and appear as his dumpy 45 year-old self. We saw him do that for comic effect on Eastbound and Down, and now he’s doing that again on Sons of Anarchy. Manson out of makeup and acting like a regular guy is actually pretty terrifying – moreso than if he was wearing fake contacts and assless chaps. We’ve known that he’s going to be making an appearance on the show’s upcoming seventh season for a while now, and pictures of him on the set have made it on to the internet. Now Manson himself is letting some shots from the set leak out.

Manson, who will be playing a white supremacist named Ron Tully. In the picture tweeted out yesterday, he’s having a tense meeting with Jax, probably about porn stars or guns or drugs if the past six seasons have taught us anything. Oh yeah, and Courtney Love will also be appearing on the show this season, making the last verse of that old New Radicals song come true.