Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is no stranger to being on TV, but more recently, it’s been via his HBO show Sonic Highways or at any awards show. However, on December 1, he’ll be appearing on something a little more family-friendly, gracing the screen on The Muppets along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This wouldn’t be the first time that Grohl has made an appearance with everyone’s favorite puppets – the frontman made a cameo in the The Muppets (2011). He replaced Animal in the cover band The Moopets, after Electric Mayhem’s original drummer was sent to a celebrity anger-management clinic.

The episode “Going, Going, Gonzo,” will air on Tuesday. December 1 at 8|7c and feature the guest stars as themselves. It will follow Gordon-Levitt in a poker match with Scooter, Pepe and friends, while Grohl will face Animal head on in a drum-off.

[via Variety]