Brendon Small wants you to save Metalocalypse

Posted by on September 9, 2015

Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse started off so amazing, and ended – well, actually, it hasn’t ended yet. Earlier this year, co-creator Brendon Small let the world know via Twitter that the network had pulled the plug on the series, even though there was a fifth season that he had planned. It’s been three years since we’ve seen the show on Adult Swim, even though The Doomstar Requiem aired in late 2013. And while things may not have ended with Adult Swim the way Small wanted, perhaps you can see the series through to an end by having it air somewhere else. Speaking to Ultimate Guitar, Small said that he could envision the show ending on streaming service Hulu, which currently has streaming rights for the series:

Here’s all that I know: I have a final story I really like, and I think since Hulu currently has a license for the streaming rights I believe that would be a good place for the final story. If they were to partner with Adult Swim, then maybe we’d have a place for the shows that still have a strong audience that the network can no longer afford. Get on Twitter or Facebook and tell Hulu how much you love “Metalocalypse” and who knows what’ll happen?

So there’s still a chance. It’s not necessarily that remote of a chance, either. There have been many shows and series resuscitated on other networks Arrested Development came back to Netflix. Friday Night Lights ended its run on DirecTV, and there’s enough of a cult following that even if there isn’t a grassroots movement to get Metalocalypse back from its fans, a TV executive somewhere should take notice.

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