Adult Swim pulled the plug on Metalocalypse, but finale will happen

Posted by on March 16, 2015


It’s been three years since the fourth season of Adult Swim’s hit animated series Metalocalypse and over two years since the special Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem special. And while a fifth season was presumed to have been in the works, everyone got excited when a teaser trailer appeared on  Adult Swim stating that the show was returning on April 29th. Sadly, however, creator Brendon Small himself took to Twitter to put the kibosh on the fact that a fifth season was coming, stating that the network ran a trailer for the fourth season for some reason. What’s really disappointing, however, is that Small also says that the reason there hasn’t been a season five is that it was the network’s decision:


Many Metalocalypse fans want closure, as well they should. And Small has promised it. “I have plans to service a final story & music – but not in way fans are used to. That is all I can say,” he tweeted in response to Metal Injection. It’s a bit surprising that Adult Swim wouldn’t acquiesce to Small’s demand, as Metalocalypse has been an extremely successful entity for both the network and its record label. We’re guessing either they didn’t want to air a miniseries, or there are too many cooks in the kitchen over at Adult Swim. Meanwhile, if you feel like Adult Swim owes you something, you can sign a petition stating your disappointment with Adult Swim opting not to fund the fifth season. It’d be great to have it end on the network it started on, but Small seems to have ideas that will hopefully work out better for him.


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