mixluv_youtube_bannerIf there’s one thing that’s frustrating about being a musician, it’s the lack of like-minded artists to collaborate with. Sure, if you join a band with some friends and have the same vision, that’s great, but it doesn’t always happen that way. But even if that happens, communication and collaboration is key. If you don’t live in an area with a network of musicians, though, or maybe instead of finding a band and going to a recording studio, you’d rather work on music by yourself, a new social music collaboration platform, MixLuv,  could solve your problems.

Mixluv, which successfully raised over $50,000 last October through a KickStarter campaign, is in alpha form right now. The platform allows you to connect with like-minded musicians worldwide to create and record music. Once it’s recorded and mixed, there are also rights management services on the platform as well where you can manage your splits, meaning that from concept to completion and beyond, MixLuv can potentially be involved in every step of the way. Once you’re signed up as a user, which is free, you’ll be able to see the other musicians out there, you’ll get a Dropbox-like free storage solution (up to 15GB), and there’s a messaging system.

It’s definitely in the early stages, and we’ll see if it evolves to favor some genres over others, but it seems like MixLuv could have potential to be a powerful tool for any musician.